2023 Epiroc China Innovation Day Held in Grand Style

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2023 Epiroc China Innovation Day Held in Grand Style

June 24, 2023
2023 Epiroc China Innovation Day Held in Grand Style

The 2023 Epiroc China Innovation Day was held in Chongli Winter Olympic Snow Ruyi Hotel, with more than 300 industry customers and expert elites from mining and construction in China. Together, they created a rich and exciting industry innovation event.

Asa Gabrielsson, Vice President of Global Underground Product Development of Epiroc Group, said, “Epiroc Group will continue to promote the strategy of “in China, for China” and deeply rooted in the Chinese market. In the future, Epiroc Nanjing factory will focus on the R&D and production of Epiroc brand, while the Zhangjiakou factory is the key production base of Epiroc Group in China, focusing on the R&D and production of GIA brand, aiming to take advantage of China’s innovation capability and speed to better meet the needs of local customers in China.

Digitally empowered for the future, the morning of June 18 saw the launch of many new products from Epiroc. These include a refined drilling system aimed at solving root leveling, bulk rate control, and cavern fissure detection in open pit mines; a remote control system for open pit drilling rigs; BoomerXE3C remote control fully computerized three-arm rock drilling rig; an image recognition system for over-the-top geological forecasting; an Itiq data management platform; a battery version of Boomer XL3D three-arm rock drilling rig; and the fuel-saving King PowerROCT40MKII open-pit hydraulic top hammer drilling rig; PowerROC D60 highland version open-pit submersible drilling rig; Boomer S10S small tunnel fully computerized single-arm rock drilling rig; DM75E electric tooth wheel drilling rig with upward moving machine power car, etc.

Multi-brand China innovation, GIA brand, and new products, product line layout continues to increase, including the smallest applicable to 2.2 meters low tunnel X1 rock drilling rig; maximum hole diameter of 165mm Q6 open pit drilling rig; 130DX high-temperature application version of the crushing hammer using Korean imported hammer core, soft rock killer EM5 + impactor, highlighting the vigorous innovation of the GIA brand vitality, let people refresh! We are looking forward to it.

On the afternoon of June 18, Epiroc had the honor to invite industry experts and end customers from four fields: underground mining, open pit mining, construction, and exploration to give wonderful presentations. This highlighted Epiroc’s customer-centered philosophy at all times, and that customer needs are the driving force and goal of Epiroc’s continuous innovation in the future.

Epiroc China’s Innovation Day is a conference of Epiroc’s annual innovation achievements, a communication meeting to strengthen friendships with customers, and a cooperation meeting to unite industry resources and joint innovation. The third Innovation Day is a perfect end, but Epiroc’s pace of innovation with customers has just begun. In the future, Epiroc will join hands with more local partners in China, including end customers, excellent suppliers, universities, etc., to jointly innovate and cooperate for a win-win situation. Together, we will promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s rock drilling industry towards digitalization, intelligence, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.